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Elective Courses

The following courses are general electives. Some have credit assigned to them while others run as no credit courses.

Study Lab

Grade Level: 9-12

Credit: 0.5, Semester

Credit Status: Elective (credit/no credit)

Prerequisite: Placement or teacher recommendation

This course is designed to help students maximize their academic abilities by learning organization skills. Students will learn/improve their ability to take notes, review for quizzes and tests, manage their workload, and organize materials for all classes. Students will be successful in this course if they come to class with a positive attitude, all required materials, and a willingness to work hard and take advantage of the assistance offered. Students will learn how to self-advocate and become more independent: by asking questions, emailing teachers with any questions, and asking for help; with organization, prioritizing and recording items with a planner and calendar.  This is an elective credit class and students will earn a credit or no credit (not a letter grade) for each semester they are enrolled in Study Lab.


Grade Level: 9-12

Credit: 0, Semester

Credit Status: Elective (no credit)

Prerequisite: None

Students may take an iStudy, a self-directed study hall, each semester.  This course is not taken for credit but allows students time to complete academic work in the library.  

Honors Pass

Grade Level: 12

Credit: 0, Semester

Credit Status: Elective (no credit)

Prerequisite: Signed Honors Pass Contract

Honors Pass is an independent study period for seniors who maintain an academically rigorous schedule and a GPA in good standing.  Honors Pass students are allowed to study independently at various places on campus during their Honors Pass period.  Honors Pass students must complete a contract with the vice principal of academics and adhere to the expectations set forth in the contract. 


Grade Level: 9-12

Credit: 1.0, Full Year

Credit Status: Elective 

Prerequisite: None

Students in this course publish the school yearbook, The Accipiter. Students develop many skills including planning the yearbook, layout, design, photography, and creative writing. All aspects of yearbook production are integral to the course. 

Student Government

Grade Level: 9-12

Credit: 0.25, Semester

Credit Status: Elective (credit/no credit)

Prerequisite: Application and election to office

Student Council is 0 period class, applications due in May. Preference is given to students that have past leadership and/or successful Student Council experience. Student Council members plan various Faith, Service, and Community events within the school. Students will hone leadership skills, while also using student voice and group input to plan, organize, and facilitate student life events on campus. Student Council members work under the direction of our elected Executive Council Officers. Being a member of the Student Council requires some evening and weekend commitments. 

Student Life Intern

Grade Level: 10-12

Credit: 0.5, Semester

Credit Status: Elective (credit/no credit)

Prerequisite: Elected to student council

Student Life Interns are selected as Executive Student Council representatives including Officers of Fatih, Service, and Community - and the Executive Student Body President, Vice President, and class officers.  Students are expected to dedicate one period of school to planning, facilitating, and completing all behind the scenes needs of student life programming.

Additional Elective Courses


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  • Journalism
  • Advanced Journalism
  • Creative Writing (Blended Online Course)


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  • Lasallian Ministry
  • Christian Lifestyles
  • Honors Faith and Media (Blended Online Course)


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  • Marine Biology
  • Physical Geology
  • Anatomy and Physiology


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  • Speech and Debate
  • Psychology
  • Contemporary World Affairs (Blended Online Course)


For course descriptions, see Health & Physical Education Courses:

  • 0 Period Sports Training and Conditioning
  • Yoga Power
  • Weight Training
  • Physical Education
  • Women’s Strength Training
  • Personal Wellness and Stress Reduction (Blended Online Course)


For course descriptions, see Performing & Fine Arts:

  • Art Foundations
  • Advanced Art 2D
  • Advanced Art 3D
  • AP Studio Art
  • Concert Choir
  • Morning Choir
  • Beginning Guitar
  • Advanced Guitar
  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Band
  • Music Technology
  • Advanced Music Technology
  • Introduction to Theater Arts
  • Acting and Directing
  • Advanced Acting and Production
  • Filmmaking and Screenwriting
  • Theatrical Production and Design


For course descriptions, see Technology Courses:

  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Computer Science 2: Game Design and Development
  • AP Computer Science
  • Advanced Topics in Computer Science (Independent Study)
  • Introduction to Digital Logic
  • Multimedia and Website Development
  • Introduction to Design Thinking and Tools
  • Advanced Design Thinking and Tools
  • Robotics and Electronics
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Blended Online Course)