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Elective Courses


10th-12th Grades • Full Year, 1.0 Elective Credit

Students in this course publish the school yearbook, The Accipiter. Students develop many skills including planning the yearbook, layout, design, photography, and creative writing. All aspects of yearbook production are integral to the course. Teacher approval is required for admission into this course.


Educational Assistant (EA)

10th-12th Grades • Semester Class, 0.5 Elective Credit

Educational Assistants (EAs) serve as a positive role model by working to assist fellow students academically during a particular class period throughout the semester. EAs work under the direction of the classroom teacher to perform duties that support student(s) in their class. Duties can include mentoring, tutoring, monitoring and assisting students with academics in a one-on-one situation or in small groups.

Depending on the class, subject matter and student in need of support, EAs require a certain level of academic ability in combination with good communication and listening skills. The responsibilities and duties of an EA are important in giving students the attention they need to understand a subject and improve their grades. Students earning a letter grade submit periodic reflections and receive ongoing training and support from our Instructional Specialist, Tiffany Arnold.

EAs are an example of how Lasallian community members support one another and are an integral part of ensuring many students experience academic success. Students interested in becoming an EA should talk to their counselor and/or Ms. Arnold.


Introduction to Design Thinking and Tools

9th-12th Grades• Semester, 0.5 Credit

This is course is designed for hands-on learners who want to develop their creativity and innovative-thinking skills. Students will meet in the school’s Innovation and Design Center with a focus on the design process. Students will learn how to use the center’s tools -- such as a 3D printer, a laser cutter, and a CNC router -- as a means of engaging in the design-thinking and problem-solving processes. This project-based course will include individual and collaborative opportunities to demonstrate mastery.


Theatrical Production & Design

10th-12th Grades • Semester, 0.5 Credit

Technical Theater is an introduction to production design combined with stagecraft. Students learn about elements of design such as costuming, make-up and hair, sound, lights, and construction. This class explores some of the philosophies behind different design concepts as well as serves as a practical course with students working as crew on La Salle productions. Students enrolled in this class are required to be available outside of class on designated days. This course counts towards the Fine Arts graduation requirement.