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1:1 Mobile Learning

One of the core Lasallian principles calls us to ask “what do the students need?"
Technology has fundamentally changed our response to this essential question. Students today must be able to critically understand and thoughtfully apply the immense amount of information that is readily available to them in today's connected world. As a result, powerful teaching and learning must change its focus from providing information to students to helping them process information efficiently and effectively.
La Salle Prep embraces innovation in the classroom with a mobile learning program and a focus on digital citizenship, professional development, and Lasallian values.
- Andrew Kuffner, President
Modern learning; traditional values

La Salle Prep engages in the digital learning frontier, we are committed to aligning student outcomes with Lasallian values. Our Mobile Learning Program will transform La Salle's learning environment to ensure our graduates are successful in college and careers in the 21st century.

After careful research and planning, the Mobile Learning Program launched in fall 2014, requiring all students to bring an iPad to school. We are dedicated to developing our students' digital citizenship and investing in our teachers' professional development as we transform La Salle's learning environment to address the dynamic digital 21st-century classroom.

Digital Citizenship

Based on the belief in the intrinsic value and dignity of each student, La Salle Prep provides an atmosphere that is moral, caring and joyful. These same values are true whether students are in the building or online. Digital Citizenship refers to the attitudes, behaviors, and responsibilities of each student when using technology ethically and effectively.

With the increased emphasis on online learning, La Salle Prep is making extra efforts to teach our students how to be moral and ethical users of technology and information.

Every student must complete lessons about acceptable use, rights and responsibilities, and online safety. These lessons are reviewed during the summer On-Campus Boot Camp and throughout the school year.

We expect La Salle students to use technology on and off campus in a manner consistent with our Code of Conduct to become intellectually competent, open to growth, and committed to doing good. Appropriate interventions and corrections will be made when students use the technology inappropriately or irresponsibly. Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy could result in disciplinary sanctions.

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