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STEM Academy


The STEM Academy at La Salle Catholic College Prep is an integrated program of targeted coursework, internships, clubs, and after school opportunities designed to expose students to the rich, wondrous and exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Real-world applications, hands-on technological endeavors, and dynamic design challenges serve as vehicles to create and foster critical thinking skills that are beneficial to all graduates that aspire to college and post-graduate study and work. Such fundamental expertise and proficiency are necessary components to succeed in the science, technology, engineering, and math arenas: analytical inquiry, technological literacy, and collaborative problem-solving.

Invention, innovation, and technological application have been hallmarks of the American success story for the past 230 years. In order to stay at the forefront of this ever expanding wave of dynamic and sometimes turbulent change, students will need to rely more and more on a rich, comprehensive and thorough understanding of modern science and mathematics. Coupled with La Salle's strong English and Humanities education, the STEM Academy coursework provides students with the technological expertise and communication skills that colleges and universities require.

The STEM Academy at La Salle aims to meet this need and produce students fully prepared for the demands of college coursework. Course offerings include Game Design & Theory, Robotics construction and programming, Multimedia & Web Design, and Conceptual Physics. AP level courses include Computer Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, and Earth Science. La Salle has several clubs integrated in the STEM Academy as well, including Engineering, Robotics, Earth Club, Game Design and Programming, and Chess. After school programs include competitive teams in Robotics FIRST Tech Challenge/Oregon Robotics Tournament, Engineering Club & BPA Science Bowl. La Salle students have also earned several internship opportunities in industry leaders such as Stacy and Witbeck, Inc, General Engineering Contractors; Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering through Saturday Academy; and Precision Castparts Corp.


  • Curriculum
    • Integrated Curriculum:
      • Core College-level coursework – Advanced Placement (AP)
        • Calculus AB/BC
        • Physics
        • Biology
        • Chemistry
      • Scientific Method, data analysis & modeling
        • Pre-Calculus
        • Probability & Statistics
        • Conceptual Physics
        • Biology (Honors)
        • Chemistry (Honors)
        • Environmental Science
    • Targeted Curriculum
      • AP Computer Science
      • Robotics
      • Game Design & Programming
      • Web & Multimedia Development
  • Internships
    • Stacy and Witbeck, Inc, General Engineering Contractors
    • Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering through Saturday Academy
    • Precision Castparts Corp.
  • Clubs & Teams
    • Robotics
    • Game
    • Engineering
    • Earth Club
    • Chess
  • Enrichment
    • Site visits
    • Guest lectures
    • Project advisory
    • Community projects
    • Student mentoring
    • Design team coaching
For more information on STEM, contact David Heineck at dheineck@lsprep.org