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New Students

Class of 2024 and Incoming Transfer Students

Welcome to La Salle!
Information posted below will help you get to know our community and help you plan for next year. We will continue to post resources, forms, videos, and links which we hope you will find useful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Office of Admissions at admissions@lsprep.org.
Go Falcons!
Thinking about getting your new ipad? See the specifications here before you buy: 
  • Students will need an iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro (older models will not support the necessary software).
  • Minimum storage should be at least 64 GB to ensure adequate storage. In this case, more is better (as students tend to store photos and videos on ipads) so 64 GB is the minimum.
  • Wi-Fi only - there is no need to purchase a cellular plan for your ipad unless there is no wi-fi at home. La Salle provides free wi-fi.
  • We recommend purchasing a protective case and keyboard as students will use ipads in class and at home. Accessories may be purchased with the ipad or from a separate online or in-store retailer but please ensure that you note your ipad model so you will purchase the appropriate case and keyboard.
Student Information Sheet for the Class of 2024 
Please complete the Freshman Student Information Sheet (below) and email your form to Tiffany Arnold at tarnold@lsprep.org. If you would like to complete the form digitally, please download the fillable pdf and save it to your computer with your last name before you work on the form. If you prefer to download and complete the form by hand, you are welcome to scan and email the form or send it in via USPS.  


Videos will be posted here to explain the forecasting process. Check out the second Pep Talk below from Mr. De Ieso, Vice Principal of Academics.
Pep Talk #2: Overview
  • Forecasting for 2020-21 begins Tuesday, April 14. Forecasting will be completed by Friday, April 17.
  • Be sure and provide your most frequently checked email address in case we have questions or need to adjust your choices.
  • World language placement tests will be scheduled for late August.
  • We will send you additional information in the coming weeks regarding math placement exams.
  • If you would like to learn more about some of the electives you have to choose from, feel free to watch the student produced videos below.
  • Your counselor's contact information is listed on the Forecasting Worksheet. If you have questions about this process after you watch the videos next week, please email your counselor or Mr. De Ieso (mdeieso@lsprep.org). Counselors and Mr. De Ieso will have specific office hours dedicated to help incoming students with this process.
Elective & Foreign Language Options
Hear why current students recommend their favorite classes:
Here's a sample courseload over four years. (If viewing on phone or tablet, rotate device to see entire chart)
Freshmen  Sophomores Juniors Seniors

1. Catholic Christianity/Intro to Sacred Scripture 

1. Christology & Paschal Mystery 1. Catholic Social Teachings/Catholic Moral Thinking 1. World Religions & Christian Lifestyle or Lasaillian Ministries or Faith & Media
2. English 1 2. English 2 2. English 3 2. English 4
3. World History 1 & Elective 3. World History 2 & Elective 3. U.S. History or AP U.S. History 3. Economics & U.S. Government or AP Gov/Econ
4. World Language or Elective 4. World Language 4. Elective 4. Elective (i.e. Math)
5. Mathematics 5. Mathematics 5. Mathematics 5. Elective (i.e. Science)
6. Physics 6. Chemistry or Honors Chemistry 6. Biology 6. Elective (i.e. Language)
7. PE / Health 1 7. Health 2 / PE 7. Elective
(Fine Arts/Speech COM)
7. Elective
(Do you have your Fine Arts, COM, PE credits done?)