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Tuition & Fees

La Salle Prep's tuition and fee structure is designed to encourage participation and maximize the co-curricular opportunities available to our students. We feel it is important that every student has the opportunity to participate in La Salle's co-curricular offerings. As such, La Salle Prep does not charge individual participation fees for athletics, clubs, classes, or electives. Tuition and fees do not include books, iPads or supplies.

2017-18 Rates:

Tuition: $13,650
Enrollment Fee:     $400
Signum Fidei Pathway Fee**:  $4,950

** Students enrolled in the Signum Fidei Pathway benefit from a case manager, specialized instruction, and ongoing learning assessments. The additional fee associated with the Pathway learning experience helps support this personalized learning environment.

Payment Plans

  • PLAN A: One-time annual payment (due August 1)
  • PLAN B: Semi-annual payment (due August 1 and December 1)
  • PLAN C: 12 monthly EFT (Monthly payments begin July 20)
  • PLAN D: 4 quarterly AND 12 monthly EFT payments (Monthly payments begin July 20; quarterly payments begin August 1).
If you have questions about tuition or financial assistance, contact Ann Justice, Director of Accounting, at 503.353.1416.