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Current OSAA game schedules can be accessed from each teams' page. Click here to see a list of every La Salle team and follow the links to obtain schedules for each team level on the OSAA website.
Click on our athletic calendar link to find the date and location of a contest. Click on the underlined event to access important information and also add the contest to your digital calendar. 



While La Salle covers OSAA sport participation costs (uniforms, team equipment, transportation, coaching salaries), there may be additional charges incurred to cover meals, retreats, individual equipment outside of what school supplies, special uniform items that a team may request, or other charges that go above and beyond the normal season costs.

For OSAA sanctioned sports offered at La Salle, there is no ‘pay to play’ charge.  These sports include: football, volleyball, cross country, cheerleading, soccer, dance, basketball, swimming, baseball, softball, track & field, tennis and golf.  Club sports do require a fee to participate.  These sports include: lacrosse, ski, snowboard and equestrian teams.

There is a scholarship specifically offered to athletes for covering costs that a family cannot provide.  The Andy Belozer Fund offers grants up to $175/season for athletic related costs.  For more information and to apply for aid, please visit:

While we encourage students to try out for any and all sports they are interested in, we recognize some sports are more competitive to participate in due to limited spots available.  No-cut OSAA sports offered at La Salle include: cross country, football, swim, track & field, tennis and golf.

If you have any questions or concerns, please start by contacting your head coach. You can find contact info on the home page for each sport: LS Athletic Teams


Yes, all athletes must have a current Physical on file with the Athletic Dept during the entire season of the date of the your most recent provided forms. Log into Rank One to check the date of the most recent physical forms on file. Rank One Parent Portal

Students participating in athletics must meet academic expectations for the OSAA and La Salle.

OSAA standards require students to be

    • enrolled full time,
    • making satisfactory progress toward graduation, and
    • passing a minimum of 5 out of 7 courses during the immediate preceding transcript grading period

La Salle standards require students to

    • achieve a 1.8 GPA the end of each six‐week grading period or complete the requirements of an Academic Improvement Contract.
    • possess a 1.8 GPA and have 5 passing classes at the end of a semester to be eligible for participation in the next semester of play.

Click here for specific information academic eligibility, or contact Athletic Director, Chris George.

We love our volunteers!  There are many opportunities to volunteer with a student’s team.  These include, but are not limited to being a Booster Rep, managing the scorebooks, organizing team meals, planning Senior Night and helping with fundraising events.

Most sports teams train and practice in the offseason. The OSAA established a policy for 5A & 6A schools with closed and open periods during the offseason, which means teams can workout up to 6 hours a week during the open time period. At the start of each season (fall, winter and spring) for a 6 week time period off-season training as a team cannot occur because the time period is closed. At the start of the 7th week of any current season, off-season teams can train for up to 6 hours.