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Class Reunion FAQs

Why come to my reunion?
Reunions are a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with your classmates and even former teachers and staff, if the reunion committee includes them. On-campus reunions are also a great way to see all the changes La Salle Catholic College Preparatory has undergone in the past 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or even 35 years!

Who organizes my reunion?
Each class chooses reunion chairs or a reunion committee, generally a small group of 2-4 classmates who organize the reunion, make decisions on the venue, activities and menu.

When should the reunion be held?
Falcon Fan Tailgate/All Alumni Weekend is always the optimal time for a reunion! Both events are typically held in the fall, when most people are not on vacation.

Where do the names/addresses come from for a mailing list?
Mailing lists are generated out of a database used for La Salle's Advancement and Alumni offices. However, the best source of information for class contact information is usually class members themselves, collected through group emails, social media, shared Facebook pages, etc.

Who decides where the reunion will be held? On campus or off campus?
The reunion committee for each class has the option of holding their reunion, free of charge, in the La Salle Center (a.k.a. the Brother's Residence) or choosing an off-site location.

Are spouses, significant others and children welcome at the reunion?
Spouses, significant others and children are welcome to attend the reunion. Reunions are always a good opportunity for you to introduce your new spouse or significant other to your former classmates! The reunion committee decides whether to invite spouses, significant others and children. 

What happens with the money I send in for my ticket to the reunion?
The funds are used to secure a venue (if an off-campus venue is selected), food, decorations, keepsakes or any additional services (music/entertainment) the reunion chairs/committee selects.

What is a class gift?
Many classes choose to give back to La Salle at the time of their reunion, collecting funds for a class gift to support the mission of the school and current students, fund a special project or make a gift to their class endowment fund. It's a special way to recognize the lasting value of your Lasallian education and share it with current and future students. Such gifts are deeply appreciated by La Salle and demonstrate our motto - "Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve" so beautifully.

What happens to the money if my class doesn't spend all that is collected?
If money is left over after a reunion, the class is encouraged to donate the leftover funds to the Alumni Endowment, a different school fund, a school project, or the class reunion gift.

What is the Alumni Director's role in my reunion?
The Alumni Director facilitates the relationship between La Salle and the class which is holding a reunion. The Alumni Director generates the mailing list and may oversee ticket funds for the reunion. In addition, the Alumni Director can help with purchasing, and access to decorations, supplies, and locations for your reunion.

What supplies are available to those who plan our reunion?
La Salle has tables, chairs, decorations, a small sound system, and a full kitchen to help support your reunion. 

Who should I contact to kick-off reunion planning for my class?
Michelle Crimmins at 503.353.1443.