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Because of the pandemic, the Falcon Cafe is starting the year serving food only during lunch periods (that is, no food service during break). The lunch menu (listed below) features hot and cold items, as well as pizza every Friday. Students must have money on their accounts to go through the line.
Ways to put money into a lunch account
  • Deposit funds online at
  • Bring a check or cash to the cafeteria cash register from 8-8:30 am
  • Bring cash or a check to the cafeteria cash register during break time
Questions? Contact Kim McCarthy.
Earn free food by volunteering
Adult family members of students can earn $6 in credit plus a free lunch for each shift they volunteer to prep food or clean in the kitchen 11:30am-2 pm on school days. The free lunch must be consumed the same day of the shift; the credit will be applied to a student's account. If interested in volunteering, contact Kim McCarthy.
Download menu below.
Students are required to set up and deposit money into a My Mealtime account to pay for lunches. 
How to use MealTime
  • Step 1: Register. Click or tap the 'Register' button and follow the onscreen prompts to create your My MealTime account.
  • Step 2: Link Your Student. Click or tap the ‘Add Student’ button, then find your student’s school. Link them to your profile by using the student ID number provided by your school.
  • Step 3: Make a Deposit. You may choose to store your credit/debit card for quick and easy repeat use.
    • Stay informed. Monitor your student’s lunch account activity.
    • Be notified. Sign up for email reminders to tell you when your student’s account is low.
    • Schedule deposits. Weekly, monthly or in any frequency you choose.
    • Make secure payments using your credit or debit card.