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Tuition and Fees Policy

Tuition and Fees Policy
  • All Tuition and Fees are due before the end of each Semester. Unpaid Tuition at Semester can result in expulsion at semester. Be advised that every effort (letters, e-mails, etc.) will be made to notify parents when they are at risk for administrative enrollment expulsion for non-payment. Parents are responsible for monitoring his/her student bill on a regular basis and for ensuring all tuition and fees are paid by the due date(s). The parents are solely responsible for the administrative enrollment expulsion and/or late payment fee consequences arising from non-payment and/or late payment.
  • A late payment fee of $30 for each returned ACH payment and/or returned check is automatically applied to your student's account before the end of each month.
  • Students with outstanding balances at the end of the academic year will not be able to re-enroll for the coming school year.

Payment Plans

  • PLAN A: One-time annual payment (due August 1)
  • PLAN B: Semi-annual payment (due August 1 and December 1)
  • PLAN C*: Twelve monthly EFT payments
  • PLAN D*+: Four quarterly AND twelve monthly EFT payments
*Plans C & D monthly payments start July 20.
+Plan D quarterly payments start August 1.