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How to get to school

  • Ride TriMet – La Salle's main office sells monthly TriMet passes that are good for TriMet's bus and light rail systems, as well as the WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar. The cost for a one-month pass is $28 (as of 1/2018). For route and schedule information, visit
  • Drive and park on campus - Lottery. All students who drive to school must obtain a La Salle Prep parking permit to park on campus. There is a $1 fee.
  • Carpool - La Salle students, who come from all over the Portland/Vancouver area, often share rides. For details, contact Jen Pen-Afalava at or 503.353.1411.
  • Ride La Salle's Morning Shuttle Bus - To learn more, contact Hope Barrow at 503.496.1751 or 
Shuttle Contract and Map