Inclusion » Initiatives


La Salle’s work to improve diversity, equity, inclusion, education, and awareness continues. Other initiatives underway include:

  • La Salle is developing a committee of ethical, culturally competent, and visionary individuals to serve as members of the Inclusion Committee. The purpose of the Inclusion Committee is to advance and promote La Salle Prep’s commitment to diversity, equity,  inclusion and belonging throughout the school.
  • La Salle Equity leaders, parents, and students will work with our leadership team to create a school-wide Equity Statement and Equity Lens that will guide the development of diverse, anti-racist curriculum, direct the revision and creation of school policies and practices, steer institutional decision-making, and support students in their experiences at La Salle.
  • La Salle will establish a Parent Equity Team and a Student Equity Advisory Committee that can provide ongoing perspective to school-wide equity issues.