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Since 2017, La Salle has enrolled three cohorts of administrators, faculty, and staff in a one-year certificate program in equity leadership with our partners at the Center for Equity and Inclusion, a consulting agency focused on advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts within organizations, education systems, and communities.

By July 2020, La Salle had 13 CEI certified equity leaders on the school’s Equity Team. La Salle’s leadership team also provided, for three consecutive years, professional development in equity issues to all of La Salle’s faculty and staff.

La Salle also explored, as a community, the following themes over three years:

  • Understanding Identity (2017-18) 
  • Building Empathy (2018-19) 
  • Engaging in Dialogue (2019-20)

These community explorations included:

  • Classroom discussions of equity
  • Assemblies where students and staffers shared personal stories and experiences related to racial and gender injustice
  • Support of students launching affinity organizations such as the Black Student Union, the Asian Pacific Islander Club and Unidos en Poder for Latinx students, the Equality Alliance
  • Parent Equity meetings where family members shared stories, offered perspectives, and contributed to initiatives aimed at improving equitable outcomes for La Salle’s students of color
  • New hire practices, with the goal of hiring for diversity, include expanding recruitment targets to attract a diverse applicant pool, reviewing job descriptions prior to posting to ensure equitable qualifications are stated, revising interview questions to reflect diversity in the workforce and a neutral review of applicant qualifications following a posting.

La Salle also took these steps to fortify its staff to make it more inclusive and supportive of students of color:

  • The addition, in 2019, of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Support position to the staff to build community with students and serve as a support and advocate for students of color
  • The addition, in 2019, of a new Director of Equity and Inclusion position to the staff to increase La Salle Prep’s diversity, support students of color, expand our community’s cultural competency, promote academic excellence, and prepare all students to engage equitably in an increasingly complex and global community.