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Inclusion Committee

The purpose of the Inclusion Committee is to advance and promote La Salle Prep’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging throughout the school. This commitment is articulated in our Lasallian mission and core values with an emphasis on the values of Inclusion and Social Justice. The committee will partner with the administrative team in developing goals and strategic initiatives surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging work.

As Catholic Lasallian school, we recognize that building a diverse and inclusive community is essential. To that end, the Inclusion Committee ensures alignment between our Mission and Core Values, all of our strategic initiatives, and ensures adequate resources are allocated to meet our stated goals.

The Committee reviews the School’s initiatives in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and will monitor key performance indicators, and propose major initiatives to support those goals. 

La Salle articulates its commitment to diversity and inclusive community as follows:       

  • Embraces and celebrates a diversity of people, voices, and perspectives.
  • Develops intercultural communication skills.
  • Regularly evaluates and strengthens the school's practices of equity and inclusion.
  • Understands historical privilege and power inequities, and challenges norms and systems that perpetuate exclusion.


Email Kiah Johnson Mounsey with any questions.