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Equity Statement

Guided by our Lasallian Catholic mission and core belief in God’s presence in all things, La Salle Catholic College Preparatory commits to equity, inclusion, diversity, and justice.

  • We embrace the gospel call to create and sustain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive world for the good of all.  
  • We foster a barrier-free learning environment that honors the dignity of all in our community. 
  • We celebrate identity, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, family economics, mobility, language, marital status, sexual orientation, ability, and religion. 
  • We denounce prejudice, racism, and injustice in any form and interrupt these when they occur. 
  • We champion our students' efforts to create greater justice locally and globally. 
  • We create opportunities for everyone at La Salle Prep to connect with others, contend with their biases, grow through learning, develop cultural intelligence, and engage in courageous conversations. 
  • We acknowledge that we may make mistakes that cause harm, so we examine our curricula, policies, and procedures continually through an equity lens and transform ourselves accordingly.