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Health & Safety Plan


In the midst of the ongoing global COVID pandemic, La Salle Prep has revised and updated our comprehensive plan for full time, on campus school in a way that will best protect the health of our students, staff members, and families. We communicate regularly with county health authorities, continue to adhere to and adopt health guidelines from national and state organizations and research best practices for educational institutions. These efforts support our plan to open school safely and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our community.  

Parent/ Guardian Vigilance


Our primary and best line of defense against the spread of COVID on campus is students staying home if they are ill or if they suspect they may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID. We expect families to have a very low threshold for keeping students home from school who show any signs of illness or symptoms of COVID.  



Following recently announced state guidance, La Salle Prep’s entire faculty and staff will be fully vaccinated this year. A large percentage of our students are already fully vaccinated. We encourage all families to consider vaccination as an effective way to minimize the impact of COVID, reduce the risk of community spread to others and lessen the possibility that a quarantine could impact attendance and participation in athletics or extracurricular activities. 


Face Coverings


Approved face coverings or masks must be worn by all students, staff and visitors while indoors on campus - in hallways, common spaces, offices and classrooms. Face coverings must cover the mouth and nose completely. Face coverings are required for outdoors gatherings where physical distancing is not possible. 

Face coverings may be removed while students and staff are eating lunch as long as appropriate physical distancing of 6 feet or more is practiced. Students can also briefly lower their mask while taking a sip of water in class. Indoor mask requirements are in place at all times that students are on campus: before and after school hours, participating in clubs and other activities, and attending school events.


Physical Distancing


In classrooms, students will be required to maintain a distance of 3 feet from other students and teachers. Outside of classrooms, students and staff will be expected to maintain social distance of at least 6 feet as much as possible throughout the school day. Classroom desks and common area seating have been arranged or marked to promote physical distancing. Students and staff are expected to utilize the seating as planned and not move any furniture. 

Hand Hygiene


Students, staff and visitors will be encouraged to sanitize or wash hands upon entering the school building. All members of the community are expected to wash hands frequently throughout the school day. Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the campus. 

Daily Wellness Check 


All students and staff will complete a Daily Wellness Check using the SchoolPass App prior to coming on campus each day. After responding to brief symptom specific questions on their phones or iPads, students and staff will submit their digital Wellness Check through SchoolPass and receive verification that they are cleared to be on campus.  

Verification that students and staff are symptom-free will be shared electronically with La Salle health administrators through the SchoolPass digital platform. Incoming families will receive SchoolPass registration information on September 3. Returning families be sure to UPDATE your SchoolPass App this fall.

All students will enter school through the Main Entrance. Staff members will be stationed at the entrance to check for cleared Wellness Checks and to complete visual checks for symptoms and face coverings.  

As students arrive on campus, they will show the SchoolPass cleared status on their phones or iPads at the Check-in Stations. Students who have not completed the Daily Wellness Check will not be admitted on campus until the check is completed and the student is cleared. 

On Campus Diagnostic Testing 


La Salle is partnering with the Oregon Health Authority to offer rapid-response testing for any students who feel ill or show symptoms of COVID while on campus. With parent permission, this 15-minute nasal swab test is administered by a trained staff member and provides an immediate screening response to help track exposures and inform the contact tracing and quarantining process. 


Optional OHA Screening for Unvaccinated students

La Salle is exploring a program offered by the Oregon Health Authority to provide free weekly COVID-19 screening to unvaccinated students that can be administered at home. Screening is for individuals who are not showing symptoms and do not have a known exposure to COVID-19. More details about this optional at home screening program will be shared once we receive them from OHA.




Students who are symptomatic at school 

If a student or Staff member demonstrates COVID-19 symptoms during the school day, they will report immediately to the Quarantine Room in the Main Office where they will be evaluated by an Administrator or member of the Main Office staff. Upon confirmation of symptoms, a symptomatic student will quarantine on campus until a parent can be notified and a student can be picked up. If parent permission is given, a student may drive themselves home. This protocol will be followed whether a student is vaccinated or unvaccinated. 

Parents will be advised that the student should consult with a medical professional and receive a COVID-19 test. With parent permission, La Salle can administer a Rapid Response nasal swab test for symptomatic students. Symptomatic staff members will also be requested to receive testing. 

Positive Test Results, Contact Tracing & Quarantining  

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA), the Clackamas County Public Health Department (CCPH) and the Multnomah County Health Department (MCH) are responsible for tracking and mitigating the spread of communicable diseases, including COVID-19, throughout the state and local counties. 

In the event that a person who has been on campus at La Salle tests positive for COVID-19, the local health authorities will notify La Salle administrators that a person who has tested positive was present at school or at a school event. We also expect families to inform La Salle if there is a positive case in their family. Local health authorities will advise La Salle on the next steps. We will partner with CCPH and/or MCH to engage in contact tracing, communication with families and necessary quarantining of students and staff members who may have been exposed. 

At this time, county public health officials will require at least a 10 day quarantine from school and school activities for any unvaccinated students who are identified as close contacts to a positive case - even with a negative test. La Salle will work with students and parents to academically support any students who are quarantining at home during their time away from school. 

Students and staff who are identified as close contacts but fully vaccinated are not required to quarantine unless they develop symptoms or receive a positive test. With parent permission, La Salle can administer a Rapid Response nasal swab test for vaccinated students who are close contacts of a positive case to assure their health. 

La Salle will also take every measure to maintain confidentiality of affected students while also assuring that thorough contact tracing occurs. La Salle will communicate with all members of the community when an outbreak or exposure occurs on campus without identifying the names of affected students or Staff members. On campus outbreaks may necessitate the quarantining of close contacts, larger cohorts including athletic teams or closing the entire campus for a specified time. 



La Salle Operational Blueprint, Risk Assessment, Infection Control Plan
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