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President Andrew Kuffner has announced that he will conclude his tenure as president of La Salle Prep at the end of the 2021-22 school year.
In the fall of 2021, the Board of Trustees started the search for a new president to assume leadership of the school in the summer of 2022. 
This page includes communications to the community about the search for the next president of La Salle.

Aug. 17, 2021


Dear La Salle Community,

With a deep sense of gratitude and humility, I share with you that this will be my last year of service to La Salle. I have informed the Board of Trustees of my intention to conclude my tenure as president at the end of the 2021-22 school year. The board is beginning the presidential search process, and will have a full academic year for this search and leadership transition.
I have been immensely blessed by La Salle and appreciate the opportunity to conclude 26 years of service with the final 9 years being in senior leadership. As many of you know, I began my tenure as a Physics and Math teacher in the fall of 1996 and I have since held every role on the academic leadership team except for athletic director. I learned much from each role and chapter, but what I learned serving as president is that my heart remains with the mission of education as it relates to working directly with students and teachers; I have missed those relationships and that work.
I enjoyed my years as president: witnessing the Saalfeld Athletic Center become a reality thanks to our generous benefactors, selecting my successor as principal, Ms. Alanna O’Brien, who I know will be centered on mission as a visionary educational leader, and navigating challenging times of a global pandemic and racial reckoning with what I hope and pray is grace and humility. I’m committed to leading this year as we resume in-person relationships; it is what our entire mission is rooted in, and how I believe our community is most powerfully built. I look forward to shepherding and continuing exciting community and academic initiatives in design thinking/STEM, service, and leadership. I’m motivated to continue growing our capacity to provide access to this amazing Lasallian education for all who desire it and solidifying a strong and sustainable financial future for generations of Lasallians to come.
I believe in the strength and vibrancy of this Lasallian community and recognize this is a good time to transition to new leadership. A strong academic, advancement, and professional team is in place, ready to animate the mission of the school. The school has financial strength, and our Lasallian charism is alive and infused throughout the school. While I am not sure what my professional future holds next year, as I conclude my doctorate program next spring, it seems like a good time for me to re-evaluate that on a personal level as well.
What I do know is this Catholic and Lasallian mission of education has touched my heart and allowed me to uniquely live out my vocation. I will forever be grateful to the amazing students, parents, colleagues, and benefactors I have been privileged to encounter along the way. De La Salle’s story, with his trust in God’s providence and goodness, gives me both a sense of deep gratitude for the many people who have shaped me as well as the positive anticipation of the personal journey to come. This will be a great year for La Salle, and I look forward to supporting the next president as they are identified and assume leadership of this amazing institution next summer.
In the Spirit of De La Salle,
Andrew Kuffner
Oct. 5, 2021
Dear La Salle Community:
I wish to provide you information on the search for the next President of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory.
As governors of the mission, the Board of Trustees regards the appointment of a President as one of its most important decisions. To that end, the Board has decided to engage the Lester Consulting Group (LCG) to manage a national search process on behalf of La Salle. LCG knows the landscape of Catholic education and the nonprofit environment, particularly on the West Coast. Most importantly, LCG is intimately familiar with the Lasallian education mission and our La Salle family. Along with the Board of Trustees, LCG is committed to seeking a President who can embrace our mission and culture while advancing our priorities.
The search process will be led by Lorcan Barnes, LCG owner and President. Lorcan has great familiarity with La Salle, having recently served as a trustee. Lorcan also served as the President/CEO of a Lasallian school for 16 years. He will be assisted by another friend of La Salle: Robert Jordan, who served for 10 years in the Office of Education at De La Salle Institute in Napa, Calif., and as the President/CEO of a Lasallian secondary school for eight years. Denise Jones, our former President, also will serve on the LCG team in an adjunct role. We are grateful that our executive search team is personally invested in our Lasallian family. 

Over the next several weeks, LCG will be gathering important data that will include an inventory of our most pressing priorities. This data will help LCG directly recruit potential candidates.
In addition to LCG’s management of the process, a search committee is being formed to help identify and screen candidates. The search committee will be comprised of trusted representatives of the La Salle community including the Board of Trustees, members of the school's faculty and staff, and other community leaders.
In the Spring semester, we expect to name a new President to start on July 1, 2022. I intend to provide our school community with regular updates on the search. While the selection of the President belongs to the Board of Trustees with the approval of the Lasallian Education Corporation based in Napa, the participation and voice of the La Salle community will greatly inform our decision.
Any leadership change within a community can be the source of great hope and excitement, as well as anxiety. As we enter this process to identify our next leader, I am reminded we should do so with what St. La Salle calls “a spirit of faith.” It has guided the De La Salle Christian Brothers for well over 300 years, and it is that same spirit of faith that will guide our school community today. Please keep this search and our efforts in your prayers.

Shelley Larkins
Chair, Board of Trustees
Oct. 21, 2021
Dear La Salle Community:
As you may know, La Salle President/CEO Andy Kuffner announced in August that 2021-22 would be his last year of service to La Salle. Mr. Kuffner has faithfully served the La Salle community as a teacher and administrator for 25 years and will continue through June 2022.
It is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees to hire a new President/CEO. Earlier this month, we shared information with you about the search process. Since then, the Board of Trustees has established a Presidential Search Committee comprised of dedicated individuals who bring expertise and a range of experiences and perspectives to this critical effort. Working closely with the Lester Consulting Group and on behalf of La Salle’s Board of Trustees, the Presidential Search Committee will help La Salle attract a qualified pool of candidates and recommend finalists to the Board of Trustees.
We are grateful to the following members of the La Salle community who have agreed to serve:
1.     Mark Neil, Search Committee Chair – Alumni Parent, Board of Trustees
2.     Katie Allen – La Salle Admissions Director, Alumni Parent
3.     Jamil Berry ’03 – Alumnus, Board of Trustees
4.     Mike Daniels – Director, Office of Education De La Salle Institute (Napa, CA)
5.     Mike Doran – La Salle Faculty, parent of current student
6.     Sue Harris ’76 – Alumna, Alumni Parent, Retired Catholic school principal, Board of Trustees member
7.     Shelley Larkins – Board of Trustees Chair
8.     Oscar Leong – President/CEO, De La Salle North Catholic High School
9.     Fr. John Marshall – Board of Trustees, Pastor of St. John the Baptist Church
10.   Lisa Moran – La Salle Faculty, parent of current student
11.   Matt Rast – Foundation Board, parent of current student, Alumni Parent
Our consultants are gathering information from the La Salle community on the skills, qualifications, and experiences as well as the personal and leadership qualities La Salle’s next President/CEO should possess. This feedback will assist the Presidential Search Committee in its work, guide the consultants in their efforts to recruit qualified candidates, and inform the Board of Trustees’ discernment in selecting La Salle’s next President/CEO.
While much of the Presidential Search Committee’s work will remain confidential to ensure we are able to attract the best candidates, we will provide updates to the La Salle community as appropriate.
Thank you for your prayerful support in the months ahead.
Shelley Larkins                                                
Chair, Board of Trustees                                 
Member, Presidential Search Committee 

Mark Neil,
Chair, Presidential Search Committee
Member, Board of Trustees