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Otto Wild's tribute to Eddie Van Halen

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La Salle’s guitar teacher and music director Otto Wild couldn't let this week's passing of 65-year-old rocker Eddie Van Halen without saluting the musician who Mr. Wild says raised playing the electric guitar to an art. “Sure, he was flashy and jumped around the stage like any other rock star, but the way he integrated hammer and pulling techniques into his guitar solos was brilliant," says Mr. Wild. "Watch a solo by Eddie and notice how his right hand sometimes leaves where it traditionally should be, and it goes and joins his left hand on the fret board. Now he has 10 fingers to use on the fret board instead of 5, while still somehow strumming and plucking. Highly technical playing. Also, he wasn’t just a rocker, he loved classical music, playing the saxophone and would sometimes incorporate Bach and Beethoven into his soloing.” We now invite you to enjoy Mr. Wild - a brilliant musician in his own right - performing his tribute to Van Halen: “The Star-Spangled Banner" using GarageBand on an iPad.

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