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Academic Eligibility

Academic Requirements

Students must meet the academic eligibility requirements for both the OSAA and La Salle Prep. Activities covered by the OSAA and La Salle co-curricular eligibility requirements include but are not limited to athletics, drama, student government, cheer, solo music competition, and all Northwest Conference competitions (band, orchestra, choir).


Minimum OSAA eligibility requirements state that eligible students must be enrolled full time and making satisfactory progress toward graduation. For purposes of this rule, a full time student is one who is enrolled in high school, attending regularly and passing in courses offered by La Salle. In addition, a full time student shall have been enrolled in school, attended regularly and passed a minimum of 5 out of 7 courses during the immediate preceding transcript grading period. 

Student-athletes must also meet or exceed the following number of credits before the start of the specified year:

• Sophomore year = four and a half (4.5) credits

• Junior year = ten (10) credits

• Senior year = seventeen (17) credits


If a student does not meet these requirements at the beginning of the school year, he/she will be ineligible for one year and must meet the requirement for the next school year to regain eligibility.


La Salle

At La Salle Prep we believe all students can learn and that they learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process. We are committed to providing every opportunity for students’ success. When a student shows that they are struggling to meet the academic requirements for our school, our goal is to help him/her focus attention toward his/her schoolwork. To help students achieve these goals we have the following standards and expectations.


1. Progress Reports‐ At the end of each six‐week grading period, students must be passing with a 1.8 GPA or complete the requirements of an Academic Improvement Contract. Students who do not attain this level of academic standing will be ineligible until standards are reached.  


2. Semester Grades‐ If the student’s GPA falls below a 1.8, or does not have 5 passing classes at the end of any semester, the student is ineligible to participate in co‐curricular for the entire next semester.


3. Summer courses‐ Students may complete courses over the summer to meet the academic eligibility requirements for the fall. Academic eligibility in the fall is typically based upon spring semester grades. The credits earned over the summer must be accepted by La Salle as transfer credit. After combining the grades for the credits earned over the summer with the spring semester grades, the student must have passed five courses and have a combined (spring and summer) GPA above a 1.8.

Athletic Department Staff

Chris George, '97

Athletic Director