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Girls Soccer


2022 TRYOUTS for all levels will be AUGUST 15 - 16

Meet Our Coaches

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Andy Frazier

Head Coach - Girls Soccer

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Alle (MacLeod) Bernards '09

Assistant Coach - Girls Soccer

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Team Communication:

Testing Leaders

Testing is for the players, with the goal that they will practice and train to improve on their numbers. Which will ultimately help them develop. These numbers won't directly determine which team they make. Players are defined and evaluated by much more than these test. 


All of these tests are designed to be simple and can be done on their own in their back yard or at any park/track. No equipment is necessary. 

Fitness Test



4 Minutes

6:18 Emma Buchanan 13:56 Gretchen Shea 10.4 Kate Collins 5:09 Maia Gutmann 16 Mara Riehl
6:19 Gretchen Shea 14:01 Emma Buchanan

9.9 Maddie Khaw

5:75 Emelia Warta 16 Emelia Warta
6:21 Emelia Warta 14:03 Kate Collins 8.8 Gretchen Shea 5:94 Anna Lacine 16 Molly Jenne
6:50 Maia Gutmann 14:16 Mia Middendorff 8.8 Molly Jenne 5:97 Natalie Pfleger

15 Kate Collins

6:51 Mia Middendorf 14:45 Emelia Warta 8.2 Abbie Reddick 6:03 Avery French 15 Brooke Wilkinson
6:52 Stella Gibbons 14:59 Gabby Matic 8.1 Maia Gutmann 6:06 Allison Weber 15 Natalie Gonzalez
7:01 Natalie Gonzalez 15:05 Eva McCaffrey 7.9 Stella Gibbons    
7:07 Sofia Gonzalez 15:05 Natalie Gonzalez 7.9 Eva McCaffrey 6:18 Emma Buchanan  
7:07 Avery French 15:18 Sofia Gonzalez 7.2 Seychelle M-B 6:25 Jill Craeton Raddle  
7:08 Layla Parrish 15:20 Stella Gibbons

7.1 Natalie Pfleger

7.1 Ellen Dierckes

6:25 Gretchen Shea  


The coaches have been very happy with the effort all the girls have put out. This was a very difficult decision, which is credit to all the players. We do believe in moving players around through out the season, although we won't move players around just for the sake of moving players around.


This will be a year that if you are on the Varsity roster you should be working to keep that spot, if you are on the JV roster you should be working to take a spot. The coaches easily can see situations that would result in player movement throughout the season.


These are large rosters, but not enough for 3 teams. We did have to make cuts this year. Please reach out if you have questions or concerns,



Anderson, Sydney 
Buchanan, Emma 
Collins, Kate 
Gibbons, Stella 
Gonzalez, Natalie 
Gonzalez, Sophie 
Gutmann, Maia 
Marks-Bienen, Seychelle 
Matic, Gabby 
MJiddendorff, Mia 
Pleger, Natalie 
Reddick, Abbie 
Reddick, Hannah 
Schmidt, Molly 
Shea, Gretchen 
Spotts, Sydney 
Warta, Emelia 
Weber, Allison 
Wilkinson, Brooke 



Bartley, Nola 
Batcheler, Ruby 
Craeton Raddle, Jillian 
Daudlin, Clare 
Erickson, Isabella 
French, Avery 
Ginter, Allison
Hanna-Barofsky, Bella 
Hannosh, Mariam 
Hauer, Sophia 
Konze, Greta 
Lacine, Anna 
McGaffrey, Eva 
Milligan, Marina 
Moore, Grace 
Ngo, Halle 
Parrish, Layla 
Riehl, Mara 
Stavig, Penelope 

League Honors

2021 Northwest Oregon Conference Girls Soccer All-League


Coach of the Year: Andrew Frazier, La Salle Prep


First Team:

Natalie Pfleger, Forward

Emelia Warta, Midfield

Maia Gutmann, Midfield

Kate Collins, Defense


Second Team:

Sydney Spotts, Midfield

Gretchen Shea, Defense


Honorable Mention:

Emma Buchanan, Defense

Abbie Reddick, Defense

Hannah Reddick, GK