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From Stunts to Stats: Linus Oey ’87 is Educator of the Year

Mathematics teacher Linus Oey ’87 has been selected as the 2023-24 Lasallian Educator of the Year. 

The annual award honors a faculty or staff member that exemplifies the spiritual and pedagogical ideals of St. John Baptist de La Salle in the 21st Century. 

Starting in 1989, the award has become an honored tradition in the La Salle community for many years. Winners of the award are recognized by their peers as someone who is curious, passionate, and dedicated to the education and development of the students here at La Salle Prep.  

Oey received the award—a blue ribboned medal—as he was honored during the school’s annual Heroic Vow Ceremony in November. The ceremony commemorates the “Heroic Vow” made by St. John Baptist de La Salle and Christian Brothers, Nicholas Vuyart and Gabriel Drolin, to establish the “Society [of the Brothers]”, even if only the three of them remained and had to beg for alms and live on bread alone. More than 300 years later, we honor their loyalty to the Lasallian mission manifested in the heroism of Lasallians who profess the same spirit of the Heroic Vow.  

Linus Oey began his teaching career at La Salle over 30 years ago and is now the longest standing member of the La Salle faculty and staff. Linus instills his passion for imparting knowledge with an infectious enthusiasm, while cultivating an environment where learning transcends the boundaries of textbooks and becomes a journey of discovery. Linus's commitment to fostering not just academic growth but also personal development has left an indelible mark on each student fortunate enough to sit in his classes.  

“Linus is the quintessential Lasallian educator,” raves La Salle’s Principal, Alanna O’Brien. “He sets high standards, builds relationships with his students, and provides support as needed so students can learn. On top of all of this—he’s a lot of fun. Linus hasn’t met a spirit week he didn’t like. He embraces dress up days, Halloween, and Christmas year after year. Every high school should be so lucky to have a Mr. Oey on their staff.” 

Graduating in 1987, Linus was a voice for his classmates both inside the classroom and as captain of the cheer team. As he returned to La Salle to teach, he became a man of many hats over the years, and we have been blessed to call him a coach, teacher, and friend.  

Linus is not only an important educator in our community but a lifelong Falcon figure. Students flock to see him—whether current or alumni—and rightfully so, because whether “Mr. Oey” is needed to help students understand Calculus or put on a costume for fundraisers, he does it with passion and the burning desire to help those who are most in need of it. 

Congratulations, Linus!

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