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New Falcon Logo Unveiled

A ‘Beak-on’ of Inspiration: La Salle Prep Unveils a New Falcon

We are thrilled to introduce a fresh and dynamic look to our beloved Falcon with a captivating series of new Falcon logos. Together, these logos embody the spirit, legacy and future of our institution.

In total, there are three new additions for the La Salle redesign: a falcon head emblem, a full body flying falcon, and a custom “La Salle Falcons” script. Local graphic designer and La Salle alumni parent Anton Kimball, owner of Brand Rapid Design and the designer behind several iconic brands like Ritz Crackers, Guinness, and Nordstrom, designed the new pieces for La Salle. The last time the Falcon logo was updated was in 2006. 

The primary objectives behind the logo’s redesign were to give it a more modern look, infuse it with more character, give it a more fierce, competitive appearance, and align it with the quality of mascots from the other schools in our conference. Besides enhancing its level of detail and personality, the Falcon logo, which had previously featured only the Falcon’s head, underwent an expansion into two distinct variations: one showcasing the full body of the falcon, and the other focusing solely on the Falcon’s head.

The newly unveiled Falcon logos serve as a reminder of La Salle’s commitment to our mission of providing a quality, Catholic education that inspires students to become competent, confident and compassionate leaders. We believe these logos capture the essence of our Lasallian core values, instilling a sense of pride and unity within the La Salle community.

President John Huelskamp shared his excitement about the new logos saying, “These logos are not just symbols; they are a reflection of our commitment to providing a transformative educational experience for our students. They unite us under a shared emblem that inspires us to reach new heights in our academic and personal endeavors.”

Joining in the excitement, Carie Coleman, a distinguished educator and advocate for La Salle, marveled, "I love the new falcon logo. It’s a fresh start and the flying logo gives us so many options.”

We invite you to join us in celebrating this momentous occasion. Let this reimagining serve as a “beak-on” of inspiration, reminding us of our shared history and propelling us toward a future filled with endless possibilities. Together, we embrace this exciting change while honoring the cherished memories of our past logos.

Fly Falcons Fly!