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Student Life

An essential foundation for our students’ success is a sense of belonging and community. This is their home and our Student Life program is the heartbeat of our student culture.

With a focus on Faith, Service & Community, our FSC team creates opportunities for students to meaningfully connect, facilitates opportunities to serve those in need, and leads both the development of school spirit and spirituality - helping students understand, articulate, and live the mission of our school.

La Salle students have many opportunities to develop leadership skills, organize events, and create programs that address issues of social justice and strengthen our community. Student voice is a critical component of La Salle’s vibrant culture.

From athletics to arts to clubs, La Salle students are varied in interests and talents and have many places to "plug in" where they are most comfortable. It's often in these activities where students stretch out of their comfort zones and find new friends and a sense of belonging. 

By being a part of student government, athletics, the theater program, leadership experiences, clubs and being an Editor for our student-run news publication 'The Falconer', I have gotten to discover more about who I am and who I want to become. La Salle is a fantastic and welcoming environment. I could not have chosen a better school to attend.Dakota Canzano, '21

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