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Clubs & Activities

La Salle's clubs are almost as varied as La Salle's students. Students may create new clubs any time during the school year as long as they are approved by the school administration. Each year, students in charge of clubs or interested in starting new clubs host a schoolwide Club Fair in the fall. Details will be announced via Schoology.

All clubs require:

  • A faculty moderator
  • Open membership to all La Salle students
  • Communication with the Director of Community about activities and plans


How to Join a Club

Past Clubs

Most clubs have a page set up on Schoology with more information and discussion. Here's a list of some clubs students have formed over the years.

Asian Pacific Islander Club (API) -  Video
Black Student Union (BSU) -  Video
Card Writing Club -  Video
CommuniCare -  Video
Community Connection Club -   Video
Computer Science Club -   Video
Dungeons and Dragons Club  -  Video
Earth Club  -  Video
Equality Alliance -  Video
Falcons For Life  -  Video
Female Empowerment Club  -  Video
Hands for Hearts CPR  -  Video
Keeping the Faith Club -  Video
Mental Health Awareness Club -  Video
Menstruation Advocation Club (MAC) -  Video
Passion and Fashion (PAF) -  Video
Photography Club -  Video
Robotics Club -  Video
Service Club -  Video
Speech and Debate Team -  Video
Students Against Sexual Abuse (S.A.S.A.) -  Video
Unidos  - 
Women in STEM  -  Video
Youth Ending Slavery (YES) -  Video

How to Join a Club at La Salle