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The Student Life program at La Salle works to create and develop our strong community. Student council leaders, along with the Coordinator of Community, plan and organize events to bring the student body together to celebrate La Salle.

All students are invited to participate in assemblies, dances, spirit weeks, clubs, and more. We believe every student is an important part of the school and these events celebrate individual students and the greater La Salle community.


Welcome Week

The start of the school year is an exciting time for all students and faculty to reconnect and become prepared for the upcoming year. Student council plans and coordinates a welcome week to officially welcome back all students and faculty. During this week the students are invited to participate in special theme days.

Welcome Week for Fall 2021 will be held Sept. 13-17

Each day that week will be dedicated to a theme and feature activities for students. The themes for next week are:
Monday - Be Well. A day to recognize the struggles of the past year or so, and a chance to lift each other up.
Tuesday - Believe. A day when students attend Mass together
Wednesday - Become, Be Willing, Be Kind. A day when students look out for others by holding a school supply drive for a neighborhood school.
Thursday - Belong. A day when students can gather in the stadium for a pep assembly featuring class competitions.
Friday - Be a Falcon. A day to show Falcon pride by wearing Falcon fan gear and supporting La Salle's student-athletes.

Visit Schoology for details on the week.


A few times a year the entire school community joins together for assemblies. In the Community area these gatherings provide a chance for students to rally support for the different sports teams and activities of the particular seasons. The Coordinator of Community along with student council plans the assemblies which take place in the school gymnasium.

Community assemblies showcase the spirit and excitement of La Salle athletics and activities. The Homecoming spirit cup is awarded at the Fall/Homecoming assembly while winter and spring sports and activities are honored at their respective assemblies. During the assemblies; students from different classes, sports, and activities often compete against one another in entertaining races, relays, and other random talents.

The goal of the school-wide community assemblies is to showcase the amazing talents and spirit of all of our students.


La Salle's clubs are almost as varied as La Salle's students. Students may create new clubs any time during the school year as long as they are approved by the school administration. Each year, students in charge of clubs or interested in starting new clubs host a schoolwide Club Fair. The Fall 2021 schoolwide Club Fair will be held on campus during Flex Time on Friday, Oct. 1; details will be announced via Schoology.

All clubs require:

  • A faculty moderator
  • Open membership to all La Salle students
  • Communication with the Director of Community about activities and plans

Awards & Recognition

President’s Volunteer Service Award

Students who perform 100 hours of service over the course of a calendar year can receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The President's Council on Service and Civic Participation (the Council) was established in 2003 to recognize the valuable contributions volunteers are making in our communities and encourage more people to serve. The Council created the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service. Please open the document below to learn more about the recognition and how to create an account online and track your service hours throughout the school year… service hours performed over the summer count for this (but not for service learning requirements).

Dorothy Day Humanitarian Award

This award recognizes a graduating senior who is deeply committed to service, human rights, and social justice. This award honors an individual who has put his or her intelligence and education at the service of the needy through a keen awareness of the need for social justice and human rights in our society and throughout the world. Dorothy Day was a devout Catholic who not only stood alongside the marginalized, but also stood against the systems that kept them marginalized. The recipient of this award realizes their responsibility to address injustice, advocates for those who need a voice, and embraces the Lasallian motto “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve”.


La Salle social dances 

La Salle offers six dances during the year as an opportunity for students to come together and celebrate the community. Dances are either considered informal, semi-formal, or formal and dress codes vary depending on the dance. All dances are held on campus except for Prom which changes venues annually. Costs for dances vary and tickets are always sold in lunch during the week before the dance.

All La Salle students are invited to attend all dances except for Prom, which is only for juniors and seniors. Sophomores may attend Prom if they are invited by an upperclassman. Students may bring guests to the La Salle dances if they complete a guest pass by the Wednesday before the dance.


Homecoming 2021

homecoming flier

Come walk the red carpet at our Night in Hollywood Homecoming Dance on Friday, Oct. 8 from 7:30-10:30 pm.

TICKETS: Tickets cost $10 per student. Ticket sales are now closed.

NEGATIVE COVID TEST REQUIRED: Every student who plans to attend the dance must receive a negative COVID test during the free on-campus COVID Testing Clinic offered during Flex Time on Thursday, Oct. 7. 

REGISTER FOR FREE COVID TESTING: Please register with Northwest Mobile Testing for the Oct. 7 on-campus Flex Time COVID Testing Clinic. Note: You'll need your insurance information. 

Thank you for supporting our efforts to have a safe dance!

Questions? Contact Ms. Noesi or Mr. Devine.


Student Trips

MOAB and the Canyonlands Field Institute

Every April a group of La Salle students learn in the deserts of Utah. 

Boston and Harvard Model Congress

Harvard Model Congress offers an exciting opportunity for juniors and seniors at La Salle to experience American government first-hand through a unique government simulation.

Immersion and service trips

Blackfeet Immersion

Participants work with children at the De La Salle Blackfeet School and spend time with De La Salle Christian Brothers and their volunteers learning about the Blackfeet culture and Catholic Social Teaching.

Border Immersion

Students and moderators will have the opportunity to learn about and experience first hand the hard journey of our migrant brothers and sisters that cross to the other side and walk through the desert in Arizona. 

L'Arche Immersion

Students travel to Tacoma and work with the L’Arche community there. Those in the L’Arche home live with and without developmental disabilities. Mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of their experience. They celebrate the unique value of every person and recognize our need for one another.

Local Trips

La Salle Prep provides a variety of opportunities for our students to serve at local agencies. Through serving locally, students learn about issues that affect our own community and ways to help.

International trips

Each year, groups of students travel all over the world. Destinations vary, and have included Germany, France, England, and Puerto Rico. 

Blackfeet Immersion

Blackfeet Native American Reservation and De La Salle Blackfeet School

Browning is located in one of the poorest counties in the US, with per capita income on the reservation less than $12,000.  There are few facilities for youth, and little opportunity for them to engage in positive social activities.  The reservation has one of the highest high school dropout rates of the reservations in Montana.  Nevertheless, the Blackfeet are determined to create a better future, one that marries the best of both worlds, a future that can recreate the prosperity and harmony of their community in days gone by.

Participants will work with kids at the De La Salle Blackfeet School and spend time with De La Salle Christian Brothers and their volunteers learning about the Blackfeet culture and Catholic Social Teaching.

This trip will give participants an opportunity to be immersed in this culture and learn about ways in which poverty affects this community as well as to learn about the commitment of this community in offering a faith based education to children and the commitment of the Christian Brothers and the teachers of the school.

Highlights include working in the classrooms with the kids and teachers, a possible visit to Glacier National Park (weather permitting), experiencing the hospitality of Brother Paul, Brother Ray and their volunteers at the Holy Family Mission outside of Browning. Participants will also engage in evening reflections and prayers throughout the experience and hear speakers from the Blackfeet community talk about their challenges and the uniqueness of their culture.

Students will travel to Montana by Amtrak train. There is space for 12 juniors and seniors on this immersion.

Border Immersion

Tucson, Arizona

The service immersion in Arizona provides participants the opportunity to explore and better understand the complicated issues which surround border crossing between Mexico and the United States. While the group will stay on the campus of San Miguel High School in Tucson, Arizona (another Lasallian school in our district), a majority of the time will be spent closer to the border in the town of Nogales, Arizona and perhaps Nogales, Mexico. Students will have opportunities to leave water in the desert, clean up trash in the desert, meet with the Border Patrol, and listen to people with a variety of perspectives on the U.S. / Mexico border.

Students and moderators will have the opportunity to learn about and experience first hand the hard journey of our migrant brothers and sisters that cross to the other side and walk through the desert in Arizona. They will be asked to examine the land and imagine how people in search of a better life feel emotionally and physically as they travel in adverse environments. At the same time, the students and the adults involved will be asked to reflect and pray in community about their experiences and their role in today’s global society as responsible Catholics. By exploring the topic of immigration, they will be challenged to accept the notion of a globalized nation and to respond to the church’s calling to their social responsibility. This experience is meant for those individuals who want to understand the immigration issue from various perspectives, including the one from humanitarians, Native Americans, and the federal government.

This program follows the outcomes stated in the VENAVER programs designed by the District of San Francisco: faith, community, simplicity, service, social justice and safety. Everyday the students and adults learn, reflect, and pray about their experiences out in the desert or the border city. It is the goal of the program that the students will develop an understanding of the immigration issue while they reflect and share their thoughts on their responsibility to love and act justly.

Students will travel to Arizona by plane. There is space for 10 juniors and seniors on this immersion.

Enrichment Immersions

La Salle’s immersion trip program is one of our school’s strengths as students follow the example of Jesus when he reached out to the poor and marginalized in His society. La Salle Prep students are encouraged to push their limits, across town, around the country and across the globe.


Opportunities include: 

Field Institute

Harvard Model Congress

Every spring a group of La Salle juniors and seniors travel to the deserts of Southern Utah for a six-day trip of hiking mesas, star gazing, conducting river experiments, writing poetry, debating local politics and river rafting.


This adventure blends biology, geology, anthropology, environmental science and social justice.

Harvard Model Congress offers an exciting opportunity for 24 juniors and seniors to experience American government through a unique simulation.


During the annual four-day conference in Boston, over 1,500 high school delegates tackle the most pressing issues facing our nation as they assume roles in each of the three branches of government. In addition, our delegation spends time exploring historical and cultural sites including the Freedom Trail and the Kennedy Library.


World Languages Immersions

World Languages Immersions allow La Salle students to increase their knowledge of cultural and international issues and become informed citizens of the world.


Students have the opportunity to travel every other year to Costa Rica, France, Germany and a trip to China is in the planning stages.


Students stay with host families and practice language skills in a real life setting. Students are exposed to cultural practices unique to the culture of the target language including food, dance, and daily life. In addition, each trip includes excursions to major cultural sites. Immersions allow students to make the academic curriculum a reality and return with inspiring cultural insights.

The impact of these trips can be seen in the enthusiasm and dedication of the many students, faculty and staff who participate in them and then return with renewed hope and dedication in constructing a more just and equitable world.

Participating on an immersion trip offers the opportunity to get to know fellow classmates and teachers in a new context and also provides a unique way to serve and learn outside of our own campus community. The immersion program instills five values of faith, community, service learning, social justice, and simplicity.


Through communal prayer and reflection students will identify how the holy presence of God can be found in each other and the people they will meet.


Through community living and shared learning students will exercise interdependency and joint decision-making.

Through interaction with community members where students visit, they will hear and share stories of commonalities and differences in their lives.

Service Learning

Through direct service to others, students will connect their service to the social, political, and economic realities of our times, as well as actively answer the call to serve others as stewards of the Gospel.

Social Justice

Through experiencing the intense realities of the conditions farm workers face, border life, and life on the Blackfeet Reservation, students will share their thoughts on the importance of the Gospel call to love and act justly.



Through living in simple accommodations and eating simply, students will examine and evaluate their values as world consumers, by becoming aware of the living conditions and plight of others.

L'Arche Immersion

L'Arche community homes: Tacoma, Washington

Students will travel to Tacoma and work with the L’Arche community there. Those in the L’Arche home live with and without developmental disabilities and share life in community belonging to an international organization. Mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of their experience. They celebrate the unique value of every person and recognize our need for one another.

While in Tacoma, the group may help on L’Arche’s farm and in their workshops. We will work together to help the community prepare for their annual Harvestfest. Our group will stay to help run Harvestfest on the first Saturday in October. We will spend time getting to know the L’Arche community, learning about the unique gifts we all have to offer, and examine Catholic Social teaching concerning those with disabilities. This experience will provide students with the special opportunity to learn more about themselves and those in our world who have developmental delays.

Students will travel to Tacoma on a La Salle bus. There is space for 10 sophomores, juniors, and seniors on this trip.

Local Outings

La Salle Prep provides a variety of opportunities for our students to serve at local agencies. Through serving locally, students learn about issues that affect our own community and ways to help. Students are able to respond to the immediate needs of others through after school service trips and short weekend outings. The students at La Salle serve a variety of locations throughout the Portland Metro area. The agencies we serve, along with a description, can be found below. The outings are open to all La Salle students, unless otherwise noted.

Blanchet House


Blanchet House of Hospitality has been serving Portland since 1952. It has been located at the corner of NW 4th and Glisan since it began. Blanchet provides food, clothing and shelter to those in need in our community. Over the fifty-seven year period, Blanchet has served over 14 million meals to the hungry. Generally, meals are served three times per day, six days a week. Blanchet House is able to offer food and shelter to Portland’s homeless community at no cost to our guests whatsoever. We would not be able to do this without your help! Blanchet House depends to a great extent on the generosity of individual volunteers and groups. Volunteers will help serve dinner, wash dishes, and visit with guests.


St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church

(Formerly the Downtown Chapel)

"Finding God in the Poor"

  • A full-day immersion experience for juniors and seniors
  • Students are immersed in the Old Town and Downtown Chapel communities, engaging in relationships with many people experiencing a variety of circumstances.
  • Downtown Chapel Connects is about making connections - between faith and service, between people and people, and between God and the poor.
  • Students are challenged to respond to poverty and diversity with love, rather than fear. They are asked to see the living person of Christ in each person who walks through our doors.