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Faith & Campus Ministry

Prayer Life

All students and staff are encouraged to maintain a regular prayer life. La Salle Prep intentionally celebrates the liturgical seasons through both daily prayer and regular participation in liturgies.

La Salle Prep also celebrates prayer together utilizing a variety of prayer opportunities. Learn more about each type of prayer service offered on a regular basis:

Student Retreats

La Salle offers a variety of retreats to enhance the faith and spiritual development of all students.

Retreats provide a unique opportunity for students to spend time in reflection of such topics as one's relationship to God, self, and others. Students return from these experiences with renewed spirit and personal insights. Often, seniors will remark that a retreat experience was their best experience at La Salle.

Learn more about our student retreats below:

Meet Our Director of Faith Programs & Campus Ministry

Sarah Maher

Sarah Maher

Director of Faith Programs & Campus Ministry, Religious Studies Teacher