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Having been in the classrooms and hallways of La Salle, you already know how special this community is and what it means to the hundreds of students and families who call this place “home".

Writers and poets, painters and sculptors, they all try to capture on paper, canvas, and medium the beauty of a scene, a person, or the magic in a moment in time. You've been a part of the poem, the landscape, and the vision and have seen firsthand the magic that happens here at La Salle on a daily basis.


Now is your chance to help others experience the many things that make our school and community so special.


We invite you to be a part of making the vision of a rigorous, contemporary, and Catholic-centered education a reality for a new generation of students. Not all of us can be in the classrooms, the counselor offices, or cafeteria on a daily basis, but you can be a part of transforming the life of a young person in three distinct ways:

  • Access to Quality Education is a right that all students have. Your support changes lives by opening doors for students to join this powerful and uncommon community of learners.
  • Dynamic education in the 21st century requires the technology, the tools, and the business partners to prepare all students for success in college and careers. Your support here provides the backbone of strong, rigorous opportunities in and out of the classroom for all students to succeed in the arts, humanities, and the sciences.
  • A community is shaped by its campus. Clean, safe, welcoming and inspiring, La Salle is a place where lives, faith, and culture are formed. Your support here keeps the foundations of a great institution strong for years to come.

We know that every student needs to graduate from school in the 21st century ready for college, career, and citizenship. While we update the classroom practices within La Salle to meet the changing needs of our students and community, we still hold tightly to a model built on inclusion, respect for all, and the integrity of the individual in all things. Our tools may change, but our focus has not and we value the foundations of a place that helped to make La Salle important to all of us and will do so for generations to come.

Join us today by sending your support to keep the magic of La Salle alive.

Ways to Support La Salle:


Donate through our Giving Page or the funds below.

  • Foundation Giving Ensure La Salle can provide a Catholic college prep education to the young, especially the poor.
  • Funds & Scholarships Make a Lasallian education possible by supporting a fund or scholarship.
  • Legacy Society Help future generations by remembering La Salle students in your estate plans.
  • Planned Giving Find the gift-planning solution that accomplishes your financial and charitable giving goals.
  • Student fundraisers True to Lasallian values, students raise funds and gifts for classmates, neighbors, and strangers in need.



Attend a La Salle game, show, or event. A few highlights:



Your help is vital to La Salle.

La Salle thrives because of its committed teachers, dedicated administrators, and loyal families and alumni. Help keep it strong by Volunteering at our events.

Meet Our Advancement Team

Want to learn more about how you can support La Salle? Please reach out to any of our Advancement team members for more information.

Andrea Burns '97

Andrea Burns '97

Vice President of Advancement & Communications
Maura Carpinello

Maura Carpinello

Director of Giving and Alumni Relations
Caryn Fiedler

Caryn Fiedler

Director of Giving & Donor Relations
Jennifer Reeves

Jennifer Reeves

Advancement Associate