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Funds & Scholarships

Funds & Scholarships

Named Funds & Scholarships

Our scholarships include fully endowed scholarships, named scholarships and memorial funds established for deceased faculty, alumni, family members and friends. Tribute scholarships honor organizations, groups, or living individuals. Endowed scholarships begin at $25,000. These "named" funds provide year after year funding to La Salle students and programs.

Make a gift to any of these funds using our Foundation and Endowed Funds giving page or use individual pages with direct links below.


Named Endowed Scholarship Funds

1980’s Memorial Endowment Fund

Alumni Endowment Fund

Bill George Scholarship Fund

Brother Gary York Memorial Fund

Brother Thomas Levi, FSC Memorial Fund

Caitlin E. Joy '06 Fund 

Carol Feltz Bluhm ’80 Fund

Class of 1972 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1973 Scholarship Fund

Class of 1979 Scholarship Fund

Christian Brothers Scholarship Fund

David and Marie Robben Family Fund

Denise L. Jones Scholarship Fund

Donegan Family Scholarship Fund

Dorothy Pietrok Memorial Fund

Dr. Kent W. Christoferson Opportunity Fund

Ernest and Mary Ellen Schraner Fund

Eugene Edmund Snyder Fund

Helen Wizer Memorial Fund

James T. "Ted" Watkins '76 Fund

Jeanne DePaola Feltz Memorial Fund

Jim and Betty Gimarelli Scholarship Fund

Jim and Helen Watkins Fund

John McLaughlin '88 Memorial Fund

La Salle Educators' Fund

Mary Ann Allegretto Memorial Scholarship Fund

Monsignor Martin Thielen Fund

Mario and Ann Dulcich Bisio Scholarship Fund

Mayer Foundation Fund

Nick Anderson ’12 Scholarship Fund

Pete Parisi Family Fund

Rita McGrath Scholarship Fund

Thekkedom Family Fund

The Sterling Eltagonde Memorial Fund

Yolanda Reyes Memorial Fund


Other Named Endowed Funds

Andy Belozer Athletic Achievement Fund

Loreva Bromley Fund

Tom Dudley Professional Development Fund


For more information or to give, contact Andrea Burns ’97 or call 503.353.1424.

Gifts made toward endowed funds and scholarships offer a unique opportunity for our investors to assist our efforts in fulfilling the mission of La Salle Prep. Our Lasallian heritage entrusts us to make certain financial and academic accessibility for students, especially the underserved, who desire a rigorous and relevant education preparing them for college and for life. Today, with the escalating costs of education, it is increasingly important for La Salle to seek support for tuition assistance so we can continue to serve an economically diverse student population. Not only is this fair and just, it promotes the richness and diversity we value so highly in our school community.

The mission to assist economically underserved students can be met by making an annual or endowed scholarship gift. Investors may choose to commit to an annual gift of scholarship, which will be utilized immediately to provide financial assistance to our families with demonstrated need. Or, investors can establish, in perpetuity, an endowed scholarship in their own name, a family name, or in memory/honor of a loved one.