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Leaving a Legacy

The Legacy Society honors individuals who wish to leave a legacy for future generations of La Salle students through provisions for La Salle in their estate plans.

Join the La Salle Legacy Society in 3 easy steps:

1. Complete the pledge form and questionnaire
The first step toward securing the future of La Salle! This is a non-binding commitment that indicates your willingness to support while prompting you to reflect on how you want your gift to be used in perpetuity.

2. Consult your family and advisors
This is a family commitment that requires prayerful consideration, planning, and coordination.

3. Submit a letter of intent to confirm your gift
Please submit the letter of intent to Andrea Burns ’97.

Contact Andrea Burns ’97 or call (503) 353-1424 for more information about how to become a Legacy Society Member.

Andrea Burns '97

Andrea Burns '97

VP of Advancement & Communications