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Student Fundraiser

Student Fundraiser

La Salle’s student fundraiser requires each student to meet or exceed their goal of raising $150 between now and the end of the school year.

All net proceeds from the student fundraiser will be split evenly between need-based financial assistance and funding community-building efforts such as class retreats, St. La Salle Day festivities, clubs, and more.

There are two ways to reach the $150 goal:


Option #1: Wreath Sale


Sell wreaths, swags and garland to family, friends, and neighbors.



  • Having a product to sell as a fundraiser can be easier so donors get something in return.
  • The timing is perfect - many people want to buy wreaths, swags, or garland for the holidays.
  • You can sell to neighbors, ask your parents to sell to co-workers, and you can even ship them via UPS.
  • The wreaths, swags, and garland are very high quality and our community has loved them for years.


  • You have to pick up your orders between November 18-23 and make sure to get the items to your donors.
  • Since we have to buy these from a supplier, only 50% of your total sales counts toward your $150 goal. (50% is an increase from 45% last year)

Option #2: Better Together

Ask for support through donations to our Better Together student fundraiser. More information will be provided in Falcon homerooms during second semester. Additional information can be found on the Better Together page


  • 100% of what you raise through donations counts toward your $150 goal
  • Neighbors, friends, and family can support you with any amount
  • You can use the Better Together giving page on our website to collect donations and email a link directly to supporters


  • You don’t have a product to give people for their donation.

The best option is to utilize both methods to maximize the opportunity to earn proceeds from wreath sales and reduce the amount of donations that will be needed later! 

Questions? Contact Andrea Burns.

Better Together

Students standing together making hearts with hands

Donate to the student fundraiser!

Better Together is a student-led fundraising campaign founded with the mission of St. John Baptist de La Salle and the community of La Salle in mind. Through showing gratitude for those around them and the experiences that have shaped them, students will be encouraged to share stories of their time at La Salle and understand the importance of philanthropy and how it benefits many of their peers.


Better Together works in tandem with the Wreath Sale fundraiser, where students can sell wreaths and other items in October and 50% of those proceeds (less shipping costs for UPS orders) count toward their $150 Better Together goal.


During the campaign, students will participate in activities to reflect on their La Salle experience, express appreciation to teachers and fellow students, and compete in trivia and challenges to earn points towards prizes and class rewards. 


We believe now more than ever, our students need to experience the distinct benefits that come with demonstrating gratitude, experiencing generosity, and contributing to something greater than one's self. 





Each student is responsible for raising $150. Students will raise funds by collecting smaller gifts from friends and family in their networks. They will be encouraged to share their La Salle story and collect donations with their own personalized online fundraising page. Checks can also be turned in to teachers during designated collection days. Donations must be sealed in an envelope with the student's name on the outside. Gifts also can be turned in or mailed to the main office at any time. 


Students may also get creative with their fundraising and use bake sales, car washes, babysitting, or other ideas to raise money for to meet their goals. Prizes and points will be awarded based on the amount of funds they raise and their participation in fundraiser activities.
All net proceeds from the Better Together campaign will be split between need-based financial assistance and funding community-building efforts such as retreats, class connect days, St. La Salle Day festivities, and more.

Better Together FAQ

Better Together Campaign 2022

Frequently Asked Questions



What methods of communication will students be allowed to use for delivering their message to friends and family members?


Students will be encouraged to think creatively about how they create their message. Creating a short video is an easy and compelling way to share their story or message. The message will be focused on gratitude and the positive impact the La Salle community has had on their lives, and it will include an invitation to support the La Salle community through a donation. Students can easily share a direct link to our Better Together giving site by email and on their social media profiles.



What size of donation should students request from their friends and family members?


All gift sizes are welcome. To help your student reach their $150 fundraising requirement, we suggest inviting families to give between $20 and $100 each.



What if we have multiple children at La Salle?


Every student will be required to participate in the process of developing their message and delivering it to friends and family members. However, fundraising results will be counted by overall family results. (Example:  If Sibling 1 collects $275 and Sibling 2 collects $40, the family has collected $315 overall and has met their fundraising goal for both students.)



How are donations to be submitted to the school?  How will donations be tracked?


We will encourage students to utilize the online Better Together giving site to help track and securely process donor contributions. Checks should be made out to ‘La Salle Prep’ and they can include the student’s name in the memo line along with a note that indicates it is for the ‘Better Together’ campaign. Donations of checks and cash should be turned in in a sealed envelope with the student's name on it to Home Room teachers on collection days or mailed to the main office. 


All donations will be tracked for student prizes and class competition purposes using the name of the student to which the donation was directly attributed.



Does the money raised during the wreath sale fundraiser this fall count toward the $150 student fundraiser requirement?


Yes! For those students who participated in the wreath sale fundraiser this fall, 50% of those sales count toward the requirement. Please contact Caryn Fiedler if you would like to confirm your wreath sale total.



Can we opt out of the Better Together campaign by paying the requirement in full?


We encourage all students to participate fully in the Better Together campaign, including the invitation to give. However, parents are allowed to pay the requirement in full if they so choose. Students will still be required to create their story and participate with their class in student fundraiser activities. We also encourage all students to send their story to friends and family members even if no invitation to give is included.