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Better Together Student Fundraiser

February 26 - March 8

Contribute to the Better Together annual student fundraiser today! Gifts directly support tuition assistance and vibrant student programming that benefits 100% of students at La Salle.

Better Together is a student-led fundraising campaign founded with the mission of St. John Baptist de La Salle and our La Salle community in mind. More than just a fundraising campaign, it is an opportunity for our students to raise money in service to one another while celebrating our vibrant community and learning the importance of philanthropy and how it benefits many of their peers.

Funds from the Better Together campaign go directly to support tuition assistance and student programs, benefiting every single student in our school:

  • 60% of current La Salle students receive tuition assistance through financial aid, allowing many students and families to be part of our Lasallian community who otherwise could not.
  • 100% of students benefit from our vibrant programming such as assemblies, retreats, clubs, service immersions and St. La Salle Day festivities -- experiences that make our school special and enrich the lives of students in powerful and lasting ways.

Goals for our Better Together Student Fundraiser:

  • Raise $142,000 to support tuition assistance and student-focused programming by March 8.
  • Each student raises their required $150 annual fundraising commitment. 
  • Students experience the joy that comes from contributing toward a common goal and supporting a Lasallian educational experience.
  • The entire school builds community while we share our love of La Salle and participate in some amazing activities.

Better Together FAQs

Fundraising: How does it work? 

Each student is responsible for raising at least $150, as noted on each family's registration contract. Students primarily raise funds during Better Together by collecting gifts through their network of friends and family, using their individual page on our Better Together giving website and shared through fundraising activities at school. 

Better Together works in tandem with the Wreath Sale, held this past October. 50% of a student's wreath sales, 30% of garland, and 20% of UPS wreath sales count toward their $150 Better Together goal. Each student's individual giving website currently lists their Wreath Sale credit, if they sold wreaths or garland this year.

Throughout the two-week campaign, students also participate in fun activities to celebrate our community; brainstorm creative ways to raise money together with teachers and fellow students; and compete in challenges to earn participation points, prizes and class rewards. Prizes and points will be awarded based on the amount of funds each student, class and home room raises, as well as their participation in Better Together activities. Ask your student about the prizes and incentives available.

When students reach the $142,000 goal - they (and their teachers!) will be rewarded with an extra, unscheduled day off of school in the spring: a BETTER TOGETHER Skip Day! 

THANK YOU for supporting our students in this important campaign and entrusting your child(ren) to our care. We believe that each student, each individual, is a vital piece of the beautiful fabric of our vibrant community.